Why is my Business Not Showing Up on Google?

Not Showing Up on Google

Google, the biggest search engine is no longer just a place to answer “why” questions. Starting today you may be more likely to see your small business show up on Google than ever before because it allows searchers to look for local businesses within their own neighborhoods by clicking on specific points-of-interest in town and typing in what they are looking for instead of only giving general terms like restaurants or grocery stores around them.

So, anyone can find where your shop is located without having any type of contact information. It all happens if you have a prominent appearance on google but sometimes people face the issue that their business does not appear in search results and they are always curious to know why is my business not showing up on Google? Now we will discuss how to fix that just by checking few things.

We will discuss five major reasons that happen most of the time. So let’s get started!

Not Showing Up on GoogleGoogle My Business (GMB) Verification

Most of the time your GMB has verification issues and this is why you don’t appear on Google. To find out if your business is appearing on Google, just type your business name and city into Google, then you’ll see your listing on the right-hand side of search results. If this does not appear then read the further solution.

There are numerous methods to verify your Google My Business (GMB) listing, however, the most common method entails creating your business listing and requesting a postcard for delivery to your business address.

In the next step, you can verify your Google My Business listing by entering the code on a postcard. Try it again later when you are sure that you did not make any mistakes when setting up your profile.

 There are many chances that this thing will solve your problem and your business will be displayed in google searches. In case, you don’t see your business even after verifying it then you will have to follow the below-given procedure.

Check for the Location Authority to Help You Show Up on Google

Location Authority is the second most common reason which can leave you with the question “Why is my business not showing up on Google?” So before discussing how to fix that, let me make it clear about the location authority.

What is Location Authority?

When your business is found in local search results, Google Maps will rank you based on the strength of your authority at a certain radius from where you are located. The more location authority that can be attributed to my business or brand, the higher we’ll appear on maps and get ranked for nearby searches!

How Can You Build Your Location Authority?

The most authoritative directories and resources are the ones that you should use to distribute your business data. By doing so, you are building authority for your location. This is where people search for businesses of a certain type – sometimes referred to as NAP: name, address, phone number, and website URL. It is important for a business’s location authority to have consistent and accurate information published on the web.

Suspended GMB Account

Business owners may wake up to panic when they discover their business has been removed from Google Maps. In most cases, Google suspensions are the reason a local search ranking is ruined after good rankings appear due to a “suspended” message on the website.

The suspension of a GMB listing can be caused by a number of reasons, but what is most frustrating is that Google can tell you the specific reason for it. There are no pleasantries when reverse engineering what’s wrong with your business profile so it’s best to get started right away on fixing any issues!

The Most Common Reasons For GMB Suspensions

We may not able to figure out the exact reason for suspension but there are the most common reasons for your consideration.

  • Your directory listings include incorrect addresses, names, or phone numbers. This is likely because the information was entered by a previous owner of this listing and it wasn’t changed when you bought/took over ownership.

  • In order to avoid confusion and ensure the safety of our customers, please make sure all information you have provided is up-to-date.

  • You have chosen to include additional words in the title of your company, so potential customers can find you more easily when searching online for a service that you offer. And you overlap other competitors just by using this trick.

  • You must reevaluate if your physical address is still necessary for you as a service-area business.

    Your business does not make physical contact with your customers.

  • Many times your company’s name is misspelled on your website.

  • Your business has multiple addresses, though your website lists one address not the same as what is on any of your local listings.

Relocated Business

It’s the least common problem that may happen but if your problem does not fix then you can go with it. When businesses do not update their address on Google My Business, it indicates that they are disengaged and inactive.

When a business owner is not actively managing their Google My Business listing, it can be difficult to know what happens when they move.  For example, we’ve seen cases where the GMB list becomes deactivated or out of date because the person wasn’t sure how to update it after moving locations.

Google’s system for verifying a business’ new address can be challenging and time-consuming, but it is necessary. Without sufficient evidence of the move occurring, Google will assume that your listing has been abandoned or hijacked by an unethical competitor looking to steal traffic from you.

Our Digital Marketing Recommendation

The bottom line is that SEO and Google rank are two separate entities. You can’t just focus on getting your website to the top of Google without also considering what you need to do in order for it to be found by people who might want to buy from you. If this sounds like something you would like help with, we always have a team of experts ready and waiting at hand to partner with business owners who need assistance marketing their products or services online.


How Does Google Help Me Gain More Customers?

Google is an online search engine that provides users with easy access to information on the Internet, including business listings and reviews. By using Google’s tools, you can get more customers for your small business.

Does Google My Business Have a Mobile App?

Yes, GMB has a mobile app that allows you to search for places and businesses all around the world.

How Much Does Google My Business Cost?

Google My Business is free for all users to create and manage their business page on Google search.

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