Case Studies

Gonzalez Painters & Contractors

A Digital Marketing Overhaul

Our custom digital marketing strategy, amplifying their online visibility and boosted lead volume.

Gonzalez Painters & Contractors, a leading painting and renovation service in Durham, NC, partnered with The Builders Agency to elevate their business and boost lead volume. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassed SEO, Paid Ads, and Social Media Marketing to enhance their online presence. The outcome? A significant uptick in visibility and a surge in quality leads, equipping Gonzalez Painters & Contractors to thrive in a competitive marketplace. 

19,000+ New Website Visits in 

the First Year

Website Traffic has increased 

by 63.4%

100+ Leads Each Month

Google Ads Earned 525 Clicks 

in 1 month

Reframe Counseling Services

Doubling Your Success in SEO

Reframe Counseling saw a surge in organic traffic and quality leads, enabling them to open a second location.

Reframe Counseling Services, a trusted provider of mental health solutions, joined forces with The Builders Agency to expand their reach and client base. Through a specialized focus on organic traffic growth, we implemented an SEO strategy that not only increased their online visibility but also drove a higher volume of quality leads. The result?Reframe Counseling Services was able to successfully open a second location, solidifying their standing in a demanding healthcare sector.

Website Traffic Increased by 97% 

Year over Year

New Leads Increased by 67%

Year over Year

11,000 Page views 

in 10 Months

Opened a Second Location Due 

to Business Growth

All County pools & Spa

Making Waves for A Pool Contractor

Our marketing approach revitalized All County Pools & Spa’s online presence, resulting in a flood of website traffic and high-quality leads.

All County Pools & Spa, a premium pool and spa service provider in Los Angeles, teamed up with The Builders Agency to enhance their online footprint and generate more leads. Through a multi-faceted approach that included SEO and Paid Ads, we successfully drove more traffic to their website. The result? A dramatic increase in online visibility and a steady influx of high-quality leads, setting All County Pools & Spa on a course for unprecedented business growth in a saturated market.

Website Traffic Increased by 145% 

Year over Year

New Leads Increased by 90%

Year over Year

Client Testimonials

Durham Power Wash

Eno River Farm

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