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Content marketing is one of the most powerful digital strategies we use at The Builders Agency. With its ability to boost revenue by doubling a company’s website conversion rate, as well as increasing its online presence. Getting the right message to your audience is key in creating the right content marketing strategy. Let us help you bring your content to life to generate more traffic and more customers.

Gain More Traffic with A revenue-driven content marketing strategy.

Popular content can help boost online traffic and more revenue to your business. This includes answering popular questions, or sharing insightful information.

Content marketing services include digital marketing strategies that include planning content strategy. Creating and distributing various types of creative material to achieve specific business goals. Content can be articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, and more.

Effective Content Marketing For Local Businesses

Firstly, a custom content marketing strategy will be created for your business to help it rank in search engine results. Secondly, this process begins with a deep understanding of your company, goals, and industry so that we can create informative and engaging content. A site full of useful information can convert website traffic into paying customers.

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How Content Marketing Makes the Difference?

This type of advertising aims to positively influence potential consumers and create loyal customers through engaging, informative stories.

Keyword Research

Evergreen content is an in-demand type of online writing that delivers high value to your target audience. A core part of our strategy is research. And by researching the keywords most relevant to your business we develop valuable evergreen content which drives traffic back for more!

While it may be a good idea to create content for keywords with high monthly search volume. Therefore, the number of searches doesn’t necessarily correlate to achieving your goals. Think about this: when you are looking up something on Google. How often do you type in “how many people use Gmail?” or even “best way to clean dirty wooden floors?” The truth is that while those queries have relatively low monthly volumes, they also require more effort and creativity from writers than long-tail phrases like what I just mentioned above.

ORganic SEO

Moreover, organic SEO services are a great addition to content marketing because they can help your website rank for high-competition keywords. Depending on your website’s current search engine optimization status, it could be challenging to compete with other websites that have already ranked highly in Google results page rankings.

With our organic SEO service, you will improve the visibility of each individual webpage and increase its overall ranking online within major search engines. The CPC is another factor to consider during keyword research, and helps us determine the potential value of a given term. Our team can also use this number to project how much your competitors earn from organic search traffic on Google.

However, when it comes to creating content for keywords, user intent is a major concern. We want our team of writers and designers to create something that makes sense in the context of what users are looking for online. For example, if someone types “how old do you have to be” into Google search engine, they probably aren’t searching how much time until their birthday; instead, they’re wondering about legal age restrictions!

Valuable Content Creation

We are experts in content creation, with the ability to create variety of types. Our services include writing long-form articles, blog posts and more; creating infographics that convey complex information concisely; making online guides for your customers or employees to reference when they need assistance on company policies/purchasing options etc.; producing voice optimized content like eBooks and audios. So, you can reach an even wider audience than before; developing white board animation which offer expert insight into industry trends or issues by our seasoned consultants who have years of experience within various industries.

Our team of editors carefully reviews each piece of content to ensure it matches your branding standards. Once the dedicated manager looks over your deliverables, they’ll forward them to you for feedback. If there are any requested changes, our editing team takes care of them quickly!

Target Audience

The online world has changed how we interact with companies and consumers. Consumers can now block ads, choose which websites to visit, and even decide who they want to engage or not on social media channels. This puts some marketers in a tough spot where it is difficult for them to reach the targeted audience through select marketing channels.

To make your business an online hub for potential customers, we do three things: learn about your target audience to better understand their preferences and pain points; research these inputs so that our strategy is competitive while also relevant to the needs of this customer base; and encourage them to read/interact with content by making it thoughtful.

In conclusion, when researching a product or service, shoppers read almost 12 pieces of content before purchasing. While some of that content comes from non-competitor websites such as an industry news site, users arrive on competing sites as they progress deeper into the buying funnel and continue to research for more information about their purchase decision.

Our team will create a personalized strategy that includes not only bottom of the funnel content but also middle and top of the funnel content. This kind of strategy helps you connect with users in all stages, from early to later, making it easier for them to buy your product/service.

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