Local SEO

With our local SEO services, your business will gain more calls, clicks and clients from your local area. Adding a Local SEO strategy to your business will bring in more customers searching for your services in your city. Taping into the community and getting more 5-star reviews can help your business attract new customers. Let us help your business thrive locally online. 

Local SEO
Local SEO

Local SEO helps you build local reach, online presence, and walk-in customers.

A seamless customer experience can result in a lot of benefits for your business, including increased sales.

Although there is no one answer to the question, “What is local SEO?” it can be described as a strategy that allows businesses to increase their visibility in search engines and reach more customers. Local SEO is similar to traditional Search Engine Optimization in that it focuses on boosting your business listings online. However, Local SEO services focus on customers who are close by instead of those far away from you.

Effective Local SEO Strategy

If there was one way to describe Local Search Engine Optimization, it would be taking control over who ranks on pages 1 and 2 in Google Maps or Yahoo & Bing business listings. By ranking in these ways we bring more customers that are searching for “Local Businesses”.

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How Local SEO Makes the Difference?

Want to rank at the top of Google? We’ve got you covered with our list of local SEO services, designed for businesses just like yours.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) listings contain key information about your businesses. This includes your name and phone numbers. This makes it easier for people to find what they’re looking for nearby when searching on their phones or computers.

The listings at the top of search results make up Google’s local SEO 3-pack. This map shows potential customers where each restaurant is located, and clicking on a listing displays its Google My Business page.

The best way to improve your rankings in the Google local 3-pack is by claiming and optimizing a business profile. You’ll want to keep consistent information on all your online listings. This includes your name, address, and phone number so you can earn top rankings more easily.

Adding your Business to Local Citations & Directory Sites

Google My Business is one of the first things you should do when building your local SEO presence. It’s free, and once it’s claimed it can help to improve how visible your business appears in Google search results for people close by who are searching for what you offer! But there will be more work involved beyond claiming that listing.

You’ll also want to build a bunch of citations with basic information like company name, address, phone number, website URL, etc. Campaigns can help you build citations on local sites such as Google, Bing or many other.

Custom Keyword Research & Targeting

To rank at the top of local search results, you’ll also need to target keywords that are more specifically geared toward a location. For example, if your company is based in San Francisco and it provides services for residents there such as dog walking or home cleaning then you should include those types of keywords alongside terms like “home service provider” or “pet care” so Google understands what kind of business you offer (and where).

By targeting location-based keywords, you can help your business appear in more local searches. This will help your business get found by local customers. Consumers are more likely to go out of their way and visit a store if it is near them because they want the product now. They don’t have time or patience for online shopping that will take weeks before you receive your purchase in the mail.

Local SEO shows consumers where businesses exist locally so when they perform local searches on search engines, like Google Maps or Yelp, those retailers can be easily accessible by typing in “shoe stores nearby” even though customers might not know exactly what street address these shoes are located at offhand since shoe sizes vary depending on brand name style.

Link Building Services

You can earn backlinks from other reputable, local businesses to boost your search engine rankings. The first step to search engine optimization is creating valuable content for your site. Local keywords related to your business and industry are best, but it’s important that you don’t go overboard with the SEO on just one page of a website because Google will penalize sites that do this by downgrading them in their rankings or completely removing them from results pages altogether if they feel like there was some foul play involved.

If other websites see what you have done well, they may want to link back so that when people look up those terms online—and more importantly locally where readers might be looking for certain services nearby—they can find out about yours too!

To get the best rankings possible, a strong backlink profile is crucial. This means that it’s important to have links from local businesses with authority and reputations worth earning points for your site in search engines like Google.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

If you want to succeed in the local SEO service market, your website needs to be able to adapt and change with its users. Website design is a key aspect to your SEO strategy. Mobile search now accounts for over half of all internet searches made by folks nearby — not just a few select businesses but thousands searching at any given time!

To stay competitive today, it’s important that when people need information on their way back from work or while taking an evening walk they can easily access what they are looking for without having them bounce elsewhere first because yours didn’t load quickly enough or couldn’t adjust properly between mobile devices.

The on-the-go nature of mobile usage makes it crucial for local businesses to adopt mobile responsive site designs. When your site is responsive, it will look great and perform well across different devices — desktop computers, mobile devices, or tablets.

Google offers a Mobile-Friendly test tool that will help you see how mobile-friendly your site is. They also offer services to improve UX and rank higher in local search results if the results of this tool are unfavorable for you.

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