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Our Google Business Profile Marketing Services will help any business rank higher in local search results. Our team works with businesses on the local level in order to implement effective strategies at an affordable price. We know how difficult running a successful business can be so we are willing to put our skillset towards helping yours thrive for digital growth!

Optimize Your Google Business Profile to Get Discovered by Customers

Your company’s optimized GBP listing can be a powerful marketing tool for your business to rank higher in Google searches and maps.

In this day and age, billions of individuals search for services on Google in order to fulfill their needs as consumers. This makes it important for your business to have digital marketing and a Google Business Profile that is set up and utilized effectively to attract customers and improve your business.

A Google Business Profile is a free profile that you can create to share a variety of useful information about your business with potential customers who access Google search results.

It includes contact information- everything from your business categories, opening hours, and contact information to company photos, content posts, promotions and offers, sponsored ads, and other important information about your business. It’s an excellent way to give customers a feel for business before they even walk through the door. 


Techniques for Google Business Profile Marketing

Our Google Business Profile Marketing services provide you with complete optimization of your google business profile listing This includes proper business information, image optimization, alt text, basic keyword research for selected keywords, and citation-building campaigns to bring in more customers! 

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Why is it Important to Have a Google Business Profile Today?

It’s tempting to think that Google Business Profile is old-fashioned and no longer relevant. Well, the numbers say otherwise, place importance on businesses on Google or your business profile on Google search and maps!

  • According to Pew Research, 91% of adults use search engines to find a business listing.
  • 97% of users learn more about local businesses online than they do anywhere else.
  • According to Google, local intent is present in 46 percent of all queries.
  • 64% of consumers used Google Business Profile to discover contact information for a local business.
  • In just two years, searches for “near to me” and “close by” increased by almost 900 percent.
  • 16 percent of firms in the same study say Google Business Profile generates more than 100 calls per month for them.
  • 72 percent of customers who used a local search went to a retailer within a five-mile radius.
  • 88 percent of local search results on a mobile device are followed by a phone call or a visit within the next 24 hours.

Increase Visibility in Google Search Engine Results and Google Maps

When you think of Google search, you think of the home screen (Google.com) and associated search bar. However, many users start their search using Google Maps to verify their business.

In addition, when a Google search engine results page (SERP) appears there are different sections that are generated in different ways. Sometimes different bits of content is returned to the user such as a knowledge panel or a rich snippet answering a question within the SERP. Not every SERP is the same and not every section takes into account the same factors whilst being generated.

Usually, when a search query is typed in that’s looking for a product or service “near” them or in a specified area, Google will generate a “local map pack.”

These are GBP (GMB) listings generated by location to the user and other local SEO factors. They are associated with a map pin that shows your location including the business address and exact position.

In order to be considered in the local map pack section of a SERP, you need to have a Google Business Profile listing to showcase your products and services. GBP listings allow you to compete and rank in a completely new section of a search engine results page. Without a listing, Google cannot drop a map pin or show you as a business operating in a certain service area.

Having a local GBP listing allows users to find your business in Google Maps searches. This is a different entity that users can begin their search in, which can lead to more impressions for your business.

Build Trust through Reviews (Social Proof)

Your Google Business Profile is more of a personalized Yelp page that allows customers to post ratings, reviews, and photographs of their experiences with your business accounts. Customer reviews are beneficial for every business owner since satisfied customers can tell other potential customers about their positive reviews. However, it can also be a place where dissatisfied consumers leave negative reviews and upload photos of their bad experiences.

Customers are 72 percent more likely to enter your business or small business and take action after reading reviews. Most people check out reviews online before visiting your store or making a purchase. You need to consistently keep track of your reviews and respond to them to strike a balance and keep your Google Business Profile ratings in the positive zone.

Businesses that respond to reviews at least 25% of the time, generate 35% more income on average. Customers want brands to respond to them (whether it’s a positive or negative review). Buyers are more hesitant to buy from you if you leave those reviews (especially negative reviews) unattended. They’ll begin to question if their worries will be neglected (on or offline), if they do business with you.

If you have negative reviews and respond to them, you may be able to explain what went wrong and make the best of the situation. 86 percent of customers are hesitant to buy from a business that has received poor online feedback, which is another reason negative reviews should not be ignored because they can hurt your overall operations.  However, when customers see you addressing your unhappy customers, they gain a glimpse into how you value customer service and respect you for taking that effort to try to make them happy.

Free Advertising and Organic Traffic

A Google Business Profile is essentially a Google advertisement that is both quick and free. Google My Business is a free service that improves your online presence to the top of the world’s most trusted search engine. It takes less time to improve your profile than it does to launch a successful sponsored search campaign.

This isn’t to imply that you shouldn’t use Google Ads or use your high quality website to improve your SEO strategy. Both are effective marketing methods and having someone manage your business profile is well worth your time and money.

However, Google Business Profile optimization is a complementary marketing feature that is both cheaper and faster than paid search advertising. Once you list your business, you’ll begin to receive calls and visits to your website. Additionally, potential customers will be able to use Google Maps to track and visit your offline store.

Google Business Profile Marketing is Perfect for Improving Your Business

A Google Business Profile is more than just a free profile that you can create to share a variety of useful information about your business with potential customers who search for Google.

In this day and age, billions of individuals search for businesses, stores, and shops on Google in order to fulfill their needs as consumers. This makes it important for your business to have a Google Business Profile that is set up and utilized effectively to attract customers and improve your business.

By marketing your Google Business Profile, you will be able to experience more traffic, build social proof, and improve your business in ways you have never been able to before.

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