Rising from the Ashes: The Story of Havoc Brewing Company

Havoc Brewing Company

When you hear the phrase “rising from the ashes,” what comes to mind? It often speaks to the idea of a remarkable rebirth, a rejuvenation after a difficult period, or the birth of something new and beautiful from destruction. Today, we’ll be focusing on an incredible story of resilience and the shared passion for brewing beer that brought together the team behind the Havoc Brewing Company.

From Garage to Brewery

Much like any authentic origin story, the story of Havoc Brewing Company began in an unassuming garage. Owner Michael Pipkin recounts the humble beginnings of brewing in buckets for friends and neighbors. Michael took his passion to the next level by participating in a beer competition in Tennessee, garnering favorable feedback for his unique brews.

It was there that friends ignited the spark that would transform Michael’s casual hobby into a flourishing business. The seed was planted – the idea of starting a brewery was no longer a pipe dream but an exciting possibility.

Michael Pipkin - Owner of Havoc Brewing Company
Michael Pipkin - Owner of Havoc Brewing Company

Chaos Creates Beauty

At the core of Havoc Brewing Company is the belief that the process of creating something beautiful must begin with a process of destruction. This philosophy is perfectly encapsulated in their company ethos:

Grain is crushed. Hops are boiled. Yeast live and die. But through this havoc we share the beauty of something new and devastatingly delicious.”

Havoc Brewing Company was born amidst the pandemic, when Michael, a Navy veteran, was contemplating his next chapter. The name ‘Havoc’ consistently resonated with him, symbolizing his experience of tearing something down to create something new.

The name “Havoc” bore a striking coincidence when shared with his business partner and fellow Vet, Troy Benton, whose call sign in Afghanistan was “Havoc Actual.” Thus, the Havoc Brewing Company was born!

Downtown Pittsboro, NC

Central to Downtown Pittsboro, NC

Situated off the circle in downtown Pittsboro, Havoc Brewing Company has become more than just a brewery—it is a vibrant local hub for the community. This is not just a place to taste delicious crafted beers but also a space where friends and families can gather to enjoy live music, a cozy fire pit, rotating food trucks, and an array of TV’s around the bar.

Michael’s passion for brewing, coupled with his unwavering determination, has transformed a simple garage setup into an exciting social hotspot. As the sun sets over Pittsboro, there’s no better place to unwind than Havoc Brewing Company.

Our Promotion Video

Partnering with The Builders Agency

The Builders Agency had the distinct pleasure of joining forces with Havoc Brewing Company to bring their unique narrative to life through video. We utilized our drone video services to create an immersive introduction video for the brewery’s website, showcasing the dynamic and inviting spaces that Havoc has to offer.

Whenever you find yourself in Pittsboro, we highly recommend a visit to Havoc Brewing Company. It’s more than just a chance to enjoy their expertly crafted brews – it’s an opportunity to soak in downtown Pittsboro and all that it has to offer.

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